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Philosophical fable "Danza Macabra"

As long as we live - we are people,
And in death ... we are people, too.
Ul. Kаrаtkevitch
This is a story about how one day Death decided to take a vacation and found a disciple, and what came out of it. Here you can see and history from the frescoes of Barcelona, and the Greek legend of Charon, and Pratchett's British Fantasy, and Karatkevich's Rook in despair.
Death's prentice comes in a medieval town and collects souls. What happens if he faces a non-standard situation?
The performance is played in the genre of a philosophical tale with elements of comic farce.

We ask one important question - "What is the man?"

Heroes of our play are active and restless characters, they embody humor and optimism. Even the main character - the apprentice of Death - is a very peculiar character.

Only laugh and jocularity allow people to survive in the very adverse conditions

"Once upon a time there were living Hagylies"
This story took place in a small town in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. 
A typical day, ordinary people. But suddenly everything changes, because Hagylies come to the city .... 
Why they came out of their forests? Why they are interested in the city? How citizens will meet them? 
The first impression is deceptive... 

"Hagylies" - according to the records of ethical Mogilev - the imp. 
(Belarusian Mythology: Encyclopedic Dictionary. Bialkevič I.K. GER Dictionary east of Mogilev region).

Play "Yuri and Cmok"
Miths and Legends unite peoples, but the history is written by the winners.
And the hero always kills the Dragon.
If it Greek or Babylonian mythology, legends of the Aztecs or Indians, Japanese or Belarusian: Indra wins Urytru and St. George wins the Dragon.
On our lands for a long time fought among themselves Jaryla and Veles, later to be replaced by George and Dragon.
This is what is sung in old songs and legends.
There are always two sides of the medal and people decide which one to see
Our performance tells that the life can not be separated into black and white. That it is full of different shades.

You will see dangerous dragon and desperate princess, timid King and resourceful citizens; hear the ancient prophecies and see the grand battle of the gods.
Performance is put on motives of the Belarusian ancient legends and myths common with the peoples of the world.

"Ship of fools"
Where is this ship, which gathered on its deck all these different people like monks, jesters, citizens, sailing? And why are they together?

Reigning fun among them threatens the stability of the boat and might plunge the "fools" into the water. All characters and objects have a certain symbolic value and represent the human vices.

Based on the eponymous painting of the famous Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch.

Interactive performance according to native legend of Belarus. Main theme is killing Dragon by Hero.

The play "Yuri and Cmok" at the Minsk Street Theatre Festival (Belarus, 2017).

This story took place in a small town in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
A typical day, ordinary people. But suddenly everything changes, because Hagylies come to the city...

The play "Once upon a time there were living Hagylies..." at the medieval festival in Viljandi (Estonia, 2017).

Long-legged stiltswalkers and acrobats, jugglers and flag-wavers, jugglers and dancers bring to your holiday atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Here you will be able to become not just an observer, but an active participant in the colorful action.

The play “Ship of Fools” and workshops on stilts at the festival “Golshanskiy Castle-2015”.