The element of fire


It is the bright and dynamic fire show with contemporary music of different styles, and also with wide variety of fire tools, modern choreography and acrobatics with fire.

"Arabian Nights"
Fire show in themed costumes accompanied by medieval music. The show includes eastearn contortion, fire-breathing, fakir-show and dancing with giant fire fan.

"The Svarog’s children"
The fire show for people who are fond of stylized folklore: traditional themes, folk choreography provided with lots and lots of fire.

"Christmas Mystery"
Special program for Christmas and New Year: colorful costumes, lively Christmas music, a wide variety of fire tools and fireworks.

"Іgnis Vestae"
This night is full of energy and magic, reality and dreams are mixed, the boundaries between the worlds are thinning. What we have always considered to be a fairy tale comes to life: the sacred Fire burns on the altar and the young Vestals keep it.

He appears in the stillness of the night with the full moon.
He comes out of the darkness with a quieter gait than that of a forest beast... Only the sounds of his tambourine are heard around... Nobody knows who He is: a shaman, a demon, or some ancient deity. After all, as soon as he appears, strikes his tambourine, those who have died long ago come to life and begin their mysterious ritual dance...

We have a large variety of fire-programs. Various styles, costumes and music themes. So, you can choose the one, that you need.

Fire performance in Medieval Style on the Festival “Golshanskiy Castle-2015”.

The Christmas Day we associate with candies, roman candles, gifts. We combined for you the atmosphere of New Year days and the warmth of a real fire. Our fire show will warm you even in the coldest weather.

Performance in country seat “Sula”.