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The Ghost of the history


Diabolo, balls, clubs. Workshop of juggling.

The fashion for a dynamic dance with flags came to us from Italy, where the march of flag-swingers became a symbol of cessation of hostilities.
On our flags are the gentry coats of arms of Belarus: Kalumna, Lys, Astoja, Tarnava.

Acrobatic art has been known since ancient times: Egypt, Greece, Rome, Byzantium. Acrobatics accompanied the development of craftsmanship.
The first acrobats originally advertised their goods: the rope dance - the strength of the stretched rope, the dance among the vases - the quality of pottery.

"Buchony": comic dance with mugs.

Master of the whip
Old skill of strong and dexterous people.

"Play of buffoon"
Interactive program with folk games and dances.

"The alchemical circle"
What is alchemy and how to use it for your own purposes? Who are the masters of the elements, and what does “alchemical transmutation" mean? How to turn fire into ground, and water into air? We have answers to all these questions and many others!

Interactive performance according to native legend of Belarus. Main theme is killing Dragon by Hero.

The play "Yuri and Cmok" at the Minsk Street Theatre Festival (Belarus, 2017).

This story took place in a small town in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
A typical day, ordinary people. But suddenly everything changes, because Hagylies come to the city...

The play "Once upon a time there were living Hagylies..." at the medieval festival in Viljandi (Estonia, 2017).

Long-legged stiltswalkers and acrobats, jugglers and flag-wavers, jugglers and dancers bring to your holiday atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Here you will be able to become not just an observer, but an active participant in the colorful action.

The play “Ship of Fools” and workshops on stilts at the festival “Golshanskiy Castle-2015”.